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680 SHP @ 2200 RPM

With the AT-402B, Air Tractor’s goal was to combine turbine power with affordability.  We achieved it; first by designing a compact, structurally efficient airframe and then specifying an exceptionally quiet, powerful and reliable PT6A turbine engine for faster climb rates and increased cruise speed. We designed a long, high-aspect ratio wing with Hoerner wing tips to increase wing efficiency, reduce drag and to lower stick and rudder forces so the controls are light and responsive, greatly reducing pilot fatigue.
The end result is an ag plane that pilots love to fly, even at the end of a long day. When your operation is ready to transition to turbine power, it’s time to investigate the AT-402B.


Engine Type P&W PT6A-15AG
680 SHP @ 2200 RPM
Propeller Hartzell HC-B3TN-3D/T10282N+4
Cruise Speed at 2438m 261 kph
Woking Speed 193-225 kph
Stall Speed, flaps up 124 kph
Stall Speed, flaps down 106 kph
Stall Speed as usually landed 85 kph
Rate of Climb 244 mpm
Hopper Capacity 1514 L
Take-off Weight 4159 kg
Landing Weight 3175 kg
Empty Weight w/spray equipment 1950 kg
Useful Load 2209 kg
Take-off Distance 297 m
Fuel Capacity 644 L
Range, economy cruise at 2438m 1062 km