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1050 SHP @ 1700 RPM

Wide swath width. Fast ferry times. Big payloads. It’s not hard to see why the AT-602 is a hard-working favorite of ag operators. Its 630-gallon hopper and 12,500 lb. FAA certificated gross weight make the AT-602 a logical next step when you need to turn your operation’s productivity up another profitable notch.
Work your AT-602 a thousand acres in the morning. You could save three loads over a smaller plane and still have plenty of daylight for more jobs.
With its Pratt & Whitney PT6A-60AG turbine powerplant, its 56-foot extended wingspan, and its wide-stance spring steel landing gear, dependable high-volume production is what the AT-602 is all about. But in the pilot’s seat, you’ll find the AT-602 is surprisingly light on the controls, with a spacious and functional layout and a host of pilot comforts. For 5-gallon work on center-pivot circles, the AT-602 is a
dream; you’ll knock them out in a single load.


Engine Type P&W PT6A-60AG
1050 SHP @ 1700 RPM
Propeller HC-B5MP-3C/M10876ANS
Cruise Speed at 2438m 293 kph
Woking Speed 233 kph
Stall Speed, flaps up 159 kph
Stall Speed, flaps down 132 kph
Stall Speed as usually landed 97 kph
Rate of Climb 198 mpm
Hopper Capacity 2385 L
Take-off Weight 5670 kg
Landing Weight 5443 kg
Empty Weight w/spray equipment 2644 kg
Useful Load 3026 kg
Take-off Distance 558 m
Fuel Capacity 817 L
Range, economy cruise at 2438m 966 km