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P&W PT6A-67AG / PT6A-67F
1350@1700 RPM / 1600@1700 RPM

For more than a decade now, the Air Tractor AT-802F has served with distinction at the front lines of wildfires around the globe. As an initial attack air tanker, the AT-802F is appreciated among aerial firefighting circles as a fast, maneuverable aircraft that’s both operationally effective and economical. Designed from the wheels up to fight wildfires, it uses an advanced, patented computer-controlled firegate to deliver optimum coverage levels with extreme accuracy.

Air Tractor's Gen II Fire Retardant Dispersal System (FRDS) is the industry's most advanced and proven single engine air tanker fire gate.


Engine Type P&W PT6A-67AG / PT6A-67F
1350@1700 RPM / 1600@1700 RPM
Propeller HC-B5MA-3D/M11276NS
Cruise Speed at 2438m 356 kph
Woking Speed 193-201 kph
Stall Speed, flaps up 169 kph
Stall Speed, flaps down 146 kph
Stall Speed as usually landed 111 kph
Rate of Climb 259 mpm
Hopper Capacity 3104 L
Take-off Weight 7257 kg
Landing Weight 7257 kg
Empty Weight w/spray equipment 3270 kg
Useful Load 3987 kg
Take-off Distance 610 m
Fuel Capacity 961 L
Range, economy cruise at 2438m 1287 km