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P&W PT6A-67AG / PT6A-67F
1350@1700 RPM / 1600@1700 RPM

Equipped with Wipaire amphibious floats, Air Tractor’s AT-802F “Fire Boss” adds yet another dimension of capability for fire fighters. It can scoop 800 gallons of water in 12-15 seconds and be off the water and on its way again to the front lines in as few as 20-30 seconds.
With the ability to work as a land-based aircraft or a scooper, the “Fire Boss” can drop an initial load of retardant then remain close to the fire by scooping water from a nearby lake.


Engine Type P&W PT6A-67AG / PT6A-67F
1350@1700 RPM / 1600@1700 RPM
Propeller Hartzell HC-B5MP-3F/M11276NS
Cruise Speed at 2438m 276 kph
Woking Speed 193-201 kph
Stall Speed, flaps up 169 kph
Stall Speed, flaps down 146 kph
Stall Speed as usually landed 111 kph
Rate of Climb 272 mpm
Hopper Capacity 3028 L
Take-off Weight 7257 kg
Landing Weight 5216 kg
Empty Weight w/spray equipment 4082 kg
Useful Load 3175 kg
Take-off Distance 600 m
Fuel Capacity 1438 L
Range, economy cruise at 2438m 1287 km